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Low Cost Computer Based System for Quality Evaluation and Preservation of Grains Stored in Polymer Bags

Convocatoria: LACCIR RFP 208

Fuente de financiamiento: Latin American and Caribbean Collaborative ICT Research Virtual Institute – LACCIR

Duración: 12 meses.

Fecha de aprobación: diciembre de 2008.

Fecha de comienzo: abril de 2009.

Fecha de finalización: abril de 2010.

Palabras clave: Control Systems, Model-Driven Development


We observe a great expansion in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile of an ad-hoc low-cost storage technique named "harvest bags" that consists in keeping the grains into hermetic polyethylene bags which are stored in the same field of crop (on-farm).

The term "harvest bags" is colloquial and other terms are often used, e.g. "silobags". In Argentina the most common term is "silobolsas".

It is likely that several million tons of grain will be stored in harvest bags onfarm and by private storage and stockfeed enterprises within the next years, in Latin America countries and also in other parts of the world.

Research confirms that although harvest bags have some limitations, they offer growers a relatively cheap and reliable grain storage solution.

Therefore, it is important to work towards the improvement of the harvest bag technology; in particular, the incorporation of computer technology would be a valuable asset.

We believe that a low-cost intelligent software system for monitoring and adapting the internal conditions of the grain stored into silo bags can be of great help to improve the quality standards of this type of storage system.

Besides, we plan to apply advanced software engineering methodologies for the development of such software system, which will bring us additional benefits.